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Competition shooting is a great sport and a great opportunity for having fun in a nature setting. The sport itself is rather intense and requires diligent focus and concentration. This makes shooting sports a great event for those who want to hone their steadiness and and skill in an event that is measured in millimeters and not yards. A football receiver might vary his path by a few...

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A Lot Of Work But A Lot Of Fun

Competition Shooting is a demanding and rewarding sport. The sport asks a lot from the participant. The equipment tends to be expensive. The guns are usually precision machined by highly skilled machinists and gunsmiths. The other equipment such as spotting scopes, rests and wind flags are also expensive. The ammo is also precision manufactured. All of this will add up to a high figure with the possible exception of the Barnyard Benchrest...

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History Of Shooting Sports

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The IR 50/50 State & Regional Contests are August 28 - 29. Hope to see you there.

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