Welcome To Chief City Shooters Club

Competition shooting is a great sport and a great opportunity for having fun in a nature setting. The sport itself is rather intense and requires diligent focus and concentration. This makes shooting sports a great event for those who want to hone their steadiness and and skill in an event that is measured in millimeters and not yards. A football receiver might vary his path by a few inches and still arrive at a spot in which he catches the pass. In shooting, one slight twitch or lapse in focus can cause the bullet to miss the X by several millimeters and cause a low score. All in all, the care of equipment, the calmness of nerves, patience, and even the wind are all elements that determine the success of the shot.


This is the sort of fun that we seek and the reason we seek opportunities to meet together for a rewarding day. The events happen in the countryside at a location which is designed for success and safety for all who are involved. Perhaps you had an uncle or a grandfather who loved to go out to the range? If so, our events will bring back fond memories. 
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