About Our Club

Our club is a friendly group of people who enjoy outdoor sports and shooting in particular. They are quite helpful at guiding people who are newer ccsc shooterto this sport. Several practices are built into the events that insure its safety. Each match will have a Range Master. The Range Master will give commands to all shooters on the line. A command will be issued for when it is appropriate to place rifles on the benches, when to insert bolts into the rifles, when to begin firing and when to stop and remove rifles from the benches. This is best for everyone and insures that the club has a safe and happy day. Please be aware that it is necessary to follow these commands.


There are guidelines for each class of competition. This insures that shooters have comparable guns with those they are competing against. This is important in that more expensive equipment gives one a big advantage. There is a lot to learn and a lot to enjoy. We hope that you will come out and win a match or two.

The Range is located about 11 miles north of Pontiac, Illinois.