Policies And Guidelines for Matches

Two classes: Service Rifle (any US service rifle- past or civilian version of present) and Match Rifle (any sights) and other rifles not recognized by the NRA. 10 rds. In 10 min. standing, 10 rounds in 60 sec. sitting, 10 rounds. in 70 sec. prone, 20 rds. In 20 min. prone at NRA 200 yd reduced targets You may shoot in more than one class if there is an open target in a 2nd relay.
Matches are scheduled on Sundays @ 10 AM (Register @ Noon) Starting April through October. Stat Office closes at 9:30 AM Match Fees: Members $12, Non-members $15 Match Director: Joe Zmia, 815-672-4322 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CMP Sanctioned
M1 Garand, Springfield and Vintage & Modern Military CLASSES: M1 Garand, 03 or 03-A3 Springfield, any centerfire single shot or bolt action military rifle from any country and Modern Military rifles. Course of fire: 30 rounds -10 rds. in 10 min. slow fire prone, 10 rds. in 80 sec. rapid fire prone & 10 rds. in 10 min. standing. Rules for the various individual matches are too long and detailed to list here -see our website.

Matches will be pistol, rifle and shotgun or a mixture of one or more firearms. Check schedule for dates, time, firearm(s) and ammo needed. Registration ends 2 hours after start time. Match Fees: varies by match. Match Directors: Gary Lopeman ph# 815-945-9936 - email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Jon L. Bourne ph# 815-848-1729 email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ben Bradshaw ph# 815-844-1047.

NRA Smallbore F-Class
F-Open and F-TR- .22LR, Single Loaded. NRA Smallbore Rifle Rules shall govern. Registration opens at 1 PM. Match follows Vintage match. Course of fire: 2 targets at 50 YDS, 2 targets at 100YDS. Match Fees: Adult CCSC Members: $15.00. Adult Non-Members: $20.00, Juniors (under 18): $7.00 Match Director: Jeff O'Hare, (630) 624-5399

IR 50/50 - Benchrest
.22 Rimfire Rifle -25 rounds at 50 yd (or meters), one shot per bull in 30 min off sandbag style rests on concrete benches. 3-gun class – Sporter 7.5# / 10.5# / & 13.5# Match Fees: Members $5 / Target. Non-members $7 / Target. Juniors (under 18) for SOTY Matches $2 / Target. Regional & State $10 / Target, Juniors (under 18) $ 4 / Target. Match Director: J. D. Pflager ph # 815-842-4027 email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BARNYARD/CMP - Benchrest
Barnyard Class: A North American made .22 RF with original stock, barrel and trigger. Any type of action is allowed. The rifle must retail (as of 12/18) or have 1999 Blue Book (100% condition) of $500 or less. Glass bedding, trigger job and re-crowning of barrel allowed. No barrel tuners. Rifles must weigh 7.5lb or less with scope. Rifles will be checked prior to competitor's 1'st 2020 match. Winners will be spot checked. Scope must be 6.5X or less. (Variable is OK if set at 6.5X or less).

Ammo must have a list price of $10.00 per 50 or less. No wind flags are allowed. Any sand bag rest may be used. A front bipod may be used but will be considered as part of the total weight of the rifle.

CMP Class: Any .22 RF target rifle purchased through the CMP (or civilian equivalent rifle). Above rules apply except: no weight restriction, no $ limit on rifle and 12X or less scope (or variable set at 12X or less). Match Fees: $10 members, $12 non-members for 3 targets (except for Nationals - 5 targets - $25) There will be Club Champion for highest score on a target for each class and one for highest average in each class (Best 4 matches of those entered will be used to compute average). Match Director: Jeff O'Hare, (630) 624-5399

Centerfire - Benchrest
Centerfire Rifle - A match consists of 5 targets with 5 record bulls & a sighter bull off sandbag style rests on concrete benches @ 100 yd & 200 yd. Three classes: Custom, AR and Factory. Class descriptions are in the club rulebook. Match Fees: Member $10, Non-member $15. Check schedule for dates & times. Matches with drawing for benches will be one Hour before start. Matches with begin promptly at start times. Match Director: David Warmker ph# 815-358-2595

Our facility has 20 covered concrete benches for shooting up to 100 yards, 10 covered concrete benches for shooting at 200 yards. A 25 yd Pistol Range with various types of steel Action Pistol targets, and an open 200 yd. NRA reduced High Power Rifle match range. We have a heated & AC Clubhouse with flush toilet and offer food & drink at Benchrest Matches!

Note: IR 50/50 Benchrest shoots must have 3 or more competitors to be recognized as a SOTY Match.